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Cooking Class 3/19/24

Let’s Make Weeknight Dinner

Arroz Con Pollo

Think that classic dishes like arroz con pollo, or picadillo are too complicated for you to even attempt at home?

What if we told you, you could totally do it!

We are here to tell you that those unattainable, bigger than life, Cuban dishes you grew up with are not out of reach.

Arroz con Pollo
Arroz con Pollo

Hi! I’m Cristy! One of the founders here at Abuela’s Counter.

When I first got married, I had almost no experience in the kitchen. I had watched my Abuela make meal after meal in the kitchen, but i hadn’t really learned how to handle a recipe on my own. As I stood there, alone, in the kitchen, it just seemed so intimidating. I called my Tia Ata and she had me come over and she broke a few kitchen basics down for me step by step.

I don’t think I would have been able to get started in the kitchen without that boost. It also opened me up to be ready to learn more advanced skills and techniques. I was able to take those basics and apply them to new recipes and gain the confidence to start taking on bigger more complicated meals.

Then Ani and I crossed paths. We quickly bonded over our love of cooking and making meals that bring our families together. She had not only gotten real hands on experience from learning from her Abuela and mom but had also gone to culinary school. She was an actual pro.

Chef Ani

As Chef Ani (I love to call her this) and I started cooking together and writing out our recipes, it was clear to me how much I was improving just by being around her. Chef Ani is a natural teacher, and I love to ask questions and pick her brain. We would spend hours breaking down the smallest techniques, or explaining how to build flavor quickly, and learning new/better ways to do things.

As Ani and I spoke about what we could do about our love for Cuban food. We both really loved how cooking a classic Cuban meal could make us feel connected to our roots and all the generations of men and women who came before us. We also thought that there had to be other people out there who wanted a way to do the same.

We want you to join us in our next Online Cooking Class as we tackle Arroz Con Pollo. You will have me, Cristy, to ask and demonstrate to you how approachable cooking can be, and you have (Chef) Ani there to help guide us and impart some of that pro chef knowledge she has picked up through culinary school and her catering business.

Sometimes that is all you need- someone, or in this case, two someones, to help you approach it step by step. Then you can go out and do it on your own. We want to take you through the recipes and show you how to look and taste and see how things move around in there. So you can see that cooking is not only doable but fun! Take it from, you can do this!

We came together with the mission to bring people to our Counter and show them that cooking is more than just following steps. Cooking is a way of bringing food and family together.

We are hosting a Live Arroz con Pollo Cooking Class. JOIN US, Chef Ani, Cristy and a few of our closest friends and we will conquer this dish together. We will pour some wine, and get our sofrito going. There is no question too silly. We’ll make sure you get it. Got it? Good.

Live class is $30 and you get access to the recordings. Zoom Link and Details to follow with registration.