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Newsletter: Happy New Year!

One of our resolutions this year was to be more consistent with our very fickle newsletter. We are excited to bring our favorite recipes to your inbox this year!

At the start of every year we usually have healthy recipes on our mind and 2024 is no different! (It must be all those over indulgent dinner and holiday parties we had in December).

This year we want to also figure out a way to keep our weekly grocery runs a little more budget friendly. It’s a challenge! Many times, healthy ingredients are the most expensive things in our shopping cart.

Our Abuelas were wizards in the kitchen. They stressed the importance of inexpensive meals and stretching every single drop. Let’s face it, “being healthy” wasn’t on their mind. We wanted to use this month’s newsletter as a chance to showcase a few recipes that you can add into your repertoire that are healthy and won’t break the bank.

These Recipes Check Both Boxes!

We scoured our site and found some of our favorite recipes that keep things tight in all the right ways. Each of these recipes are things that don’t require too many ingredients, and can help you stretch your meals out to help you get more for your time and money.

Instant Pot Shredded Chicken
Cauliflower Arroz Con Pollo
Sheet Pan Sausage and Onions

Recipe of the Month

Alita’s Roast Chicken

Our Roast Chicken is the recipe of the month. It is the most inexpensive protein at the market right now and it’s lean yet comforting. You can feed a family with one chicken and may even have a little bit leftover.

Roasting chicken takes a little time so we suggest roasting two chickens at once. You can have one for dinner and use the other one the next day. Shred it over Cuban Rice Salad, stuff it into Enfrijoladas – Abuela’s Cuban Counter or fill Stuffed Peppers – Abuela’s Cuban Counter. The possibilities are endless to stretch one meal into other healthy recipes.

Did you Know

Ground turkey is actually less expensive than ground beef! Many times we actually prefer it over ground chuck or ground sirloin for its moisture and delicate flavor. Our Turkey Picadillo Recipe – Abuela’s Cuban Counter and our Instant Pot: Turkey Picadillo – Abuela’s Cuban Counter recipes pack a healthy punch, but feel free to sub ground turkey for our other ground beef recipes including:

Cuban Meatballs Recipe (Albondigas)

Cuban Lasagna

Abuela’s Picadillo

Black Bean Chili – Abuela’s Cuban Counter

Tambor Cubano (Cuban Picadillo Shepard’s Pie)

Tools We Can’t Live Without:

Sheet pans and roasting pans are a must. We love preparing something the night before or in the morning on a sheet pan and boom it’s ready to go in the oven when you are ready. A large sheet pan is also a great place to make two roast chickens.

Find a perfect budget friendly sheet pan HERE

Here’s what everyone is Clicking On:

Here are our most clicked recipes in December:

Slow Roasted Pernil
Arroz Imperial
Cuban Natilla

What’s going on our Social

We are always posting on our Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes on our TikTok when we can figure it out. Make sure you are following if you haven’t already.

​Also we are proud to announce that we do officially have a YouTube Channel! If you’ve never made it before check out our You Tube for a step by step cafecito tutorial. We break down everything from how to pack the coffee in the espresso maker and how to make the best espumitas. How else will we survive the start of a new year! Cuban Coffee Recipe

Coming Up in February:

Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are around the corner. We will have you covered with recipes and ideas.

Our Favorite Places to Eat on a Budget:

  • Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop – their addictive pan con bistec or pollo a la plancha
  • Fresh Florida Fisheries – order the minuta sandwich or even better is their whole fried fish. You pay for the cost of the fish and pay them $5 per pound to cook it for you.
  • El Palacio de los Jugos – It’s not as inexpenisve as it once was but the portions are still so generous. A “completa” can definitely serve two people.
  • La Nueva Argentina – $17 Churrasco lunch special accompanied with rice, french fries and salad is a steal and it’s delicious.
  • Versailles – the vaca frita de pollo served with sides or over greens is one of our go to dishes.

See you next month!!


Ani and Cristy