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Pollo a La Plancha Cuban Recipe

Classic Cuban Recipes: Pollo a la Plancha

Pollo a la Plancha is a staple. This recipe will walk you through making this very simple yet very delicious classic cuban recipe. This dish represents so much of what Cuban cooking is about.  It is the quintessential Cuban restaurant dish, “pollo a la plancha” is always seasoned similarly then […]

Pollo Empanizado - Cuban Chicken Recipe

Pollo Empanizado (Crispy Breaded Chicken)

Pollo Empanizado is literally “breaded” chicken. It’s breaded chicken that is perfectly fried. It’s different than a traditional fried chicken recipe, because we are working with very thin pieces of chicken. When done right, this thin piece of chicken gets the perfect crisp. Finger licking good. My kids affectionately call […]

Cuban Chicken Vaca Frita Recipe

Cuban Chicken Vaca Frita

This Cuban Chicken Vaca Frita Recipe is a step by step guide to making one of the most delicious Cuban dishes. What makes it so delicious? Mainly the fact that Cuban Chicken Vaca Frita is a garlic and onion paradise. This recipe is a shining example of how all Cuban […]