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Cuban Beef Stew - Carne Con Papa

Cuban Beef Stew (Carne Con Papas)

Cuban Beef Stew (Carne Con Papas) is a classic Cuban recipe that just fills the soul. This is one of those traditional Cuban dishes you just want to serve in a bowl and curl up with on the couch while eating. It is comfort food at its finest. The flavors […]

potaje de garbanzos

White Bean Stew (Potaje de Garbanzo)

This White Bean Stew Recipe melds together our family’s history so perfectly. The Spanish influence in Cuba is present in a lot of Cuban traditional food. This recipe is a great example of that. Want us to blow your mind? A potaje can be a soup but a soup is […]

Fricase de Pollo

Fricase de Pollo (Chicken Fricassee)

Fricase de Pollo is a star dish. Any time you make it, you know it will be a hit. Its ingredients are so simple, and yet it delivers such great flavor. Fricasse de Pollo is also sneaky healthy, so you can have comfort guilt free. This chicken fricassee recipe is […]