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Flancocho- Flan Cake Recipe

Flancocho (Flan Cake)

Flancocho or Flan Cake has playfully earned the nickname “the impossible cake.” It defies logic. Somehow layers of caramel, flan and cake are baked together and stay baked in separate layers. It’s a happy baking miracle that leads to a unique and delicious dessert. The name Flancocho comes from joining […]

abuela's classic cuban flan

Abuela’s Classic Cuban Flan

Abuela’s Classic Cuban Flan is a staple. Flan is such a luscious delicious dessert. There is something about flan that feels intimidating. There is no way that anything that tastes as good as flan can be easy to do. Flan just gives off the high maintenance vibe. It’s always impressive […]