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Pumpkin Picadillo Recipe

Picadillo Stuffed Pumpkin

Picadillo stuffed pumpkin is the perfect fall dinner party dish. It takes all the Cuban flavor we love from Picadillo and perfectly blends with the earthy sweetness of the pumpkin. We especially love this idea because it really gives a classic Picadillo recipe a new life. There are a few […]

Cuban Tambor Recipe

Tambor Cubano (Cuban Picadillo Shepard’s Pie)

Tambor Cubano is one of those dishes that starchy carb-y dreams are made of. Tambor Cubano is made with a layer of picadillo topped with a mash or puree. Does the recipe sound familiar? It’s basically a classic Shepard’s Pie, which is traditionally made with minced ground meat topped with […]

Cuban Picadillo- Ground Beef Recipe

Abuela’s Picadillo

Abuela’s Picadillo is simply delicious. In fact, we would argue that a good plate of the Perfect White Rice, topped with this picadillo, and a perfectly runny egg on top is one of the best bites on the planet. Abuela’s Picadillo is not just delicious. It is planted deep at […]