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Cuban desserts are special. Creamy, decadent, sometimes odd. We stick with the classics, but will throw in a new take here and there.

strawberry and cream cheese empanadas

Strawberry Cream Cheese Empanadas

The Strawberry and Cream Cheese Empanadas are such a great easy dessert. The kids go crazy for them because it is just the right balance between sweet and savory. What we love most about these Strawberry and Cream Cheese Empanadas is that they are a pick up and go dessert. […]

abuela's cuban natilla

Abuela’s Natilla

You will find Natilla at the top of any Cuban Dessert list. If you know anything about Cuban dessert- you know there is some serious competition. Each bite is a creamy, luscious, spoonful of heaven. It’s an intimidating one to make. Natilla has a reputation for being tricky to make. […]

passion fruit mousse

Passion Fruit Mousse

This super light and airy Passion Fruit Mousse is the perfect ending to any meal. Minutes after whipping and folding three ingredients together you’ll have an ethereal dessert that seems much more difficultthan it is. It’s best to make this the morning you are going to serve it and let […]



Merengue is an absolute Cuban staple. If you are Cuban and grew up in Miami heading to a birthday party or Baptism, or any family gathering there was a 99% chance that one of the dessert options was going to have 1-3 desserts that consisted of Merengue in some way […]

merengue rum cake

Rum Cake

This cake is an ode to the birthday cakes we grew up with. I remember being a little girl and going with my mom to pick up the cakes at the home of a family friend. I couldn’t see much because the white cake boxes were always stacked on each […]

guava coconut cookies

Guava Coconut Cookies

One of the greatest thing about the holidays is definitely the cookies. We are talking about all kinds of cookies. The traditional chocolate chip, white macadamia, sugar cookies, ginger bread cookies, and really we would eat anything that comes in the shape or even remotely smells like a cookie. Today […]

abuela's classic cuban flan

Abuela’s Classic Cuban Flan

Abuela’s Classic Cuban Flan is a staple. Flan is such a luscious delicious dessert. There is something about flan that feels intimidating. There is no way that anything that tastes as good as flan can be easy to do. Flan just gives off the high maintenance vibe. It’s always impressive […]