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shrimp ceviche verde recipe

Shrimp Ceviche Verde

This Shrimp Ceviche Verde Recipe will take you step by step to making a vibrant delicious shrimp ceviche you will love all season long. What is Ceviche? Why this Shrimp Ceviche Verde Recipe? This Shrimp Ceviche Verde tastes just as delicious as it looks. Right away you notice the vibrant, […]

How to Host a Dinner Party

End of Summer Dinner Party!

It’s such a cliche, but where has the time gone. We feel like it was just yesterday, we were getting out our grills and making plans to hang with our friends by the pool, or beach. Now here we are full steam ahead in the back to school madness. We […]

Cuban Ceviche Recipe

Cuban Style Ceviche

This Cuban Style Ceviche Recipe is going to become your new summer staple. It’s is simple and very fresh and what else could you want out of a summer appetizer.  Traditionally Cuban ceviche is served as an appetizer with saltine crackers. Mostly it’s eaten with hot sauce on the side. […]