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Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is the quintessential dish of the fall.┬áIt just has a certain warmth to it. Not just because it is a warm soup, but something about the flavors and the creaminess of the Pumpkin (or squash) just feel good. It’s like the food equivalent of the leaves changing colors. […]

Crema de malanga final

Crema de Malanga with Garlic Oil

Crema de Malanga with Garlic Oil, is definitely an ode to a simpler time. With just a few simple ingredients malanga is transformed into a bowl of comfort. Malanga was cure to all tummy troubles in our houses. However this was not just Cuban myth. Malanga is a root vegetable […]

potaje de garbanzos

White Bean Stew (Potaje de Garbanzo)

This White Bean Stew Recipe melds together our family’s history so perfectly. The Spanish influence in Cuba is present in a lot of Cuban traditional food. This recipe is a great example of that. Want us to blow your mind? A potaje can be a soup but a soup is […]

sopa de ajo (garlic soup)

Sopa de Ajo (Garlic Soup)

Sopa de Ajo, or Roasted Garlic Soup, is so satisfying and has so many layers of flavor no one wouldguess it comes together in a little over 30 minutes. The roasted garlic doesn’t just deepen the flavor, but also helps to thicken the soup. Ani’s Abuela Oliva was an incredible […]

Cilantro Spinach Soup

Cilantro Spinach Soup

Post holidays, this Cilantro Spinach Soup is the soup you are looking for. It’s light, delicious, and full of vegetables and protein. The best part is that it is not full of cream or milk but made with water. The water as the base works well and keeps this soup […]