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Black Bean Chili Recipe

Black Bean Chili

Black Bean Chili is our way of throwing a little bit of us into our chili. Who doesn’t love a good chili. Chili is one of those meals that can just warm you right up. A hot bowl of chili on a cold day is unbeatable. It’s just the right […]

Fricase de Pollo

Fricase de Pollo (Chicken Fricassee)

This Fricase de Pollo Recipe is going to take you step by step in building what will definitely become one of your favorite dishes. Fricase de Pollo is a star dish. Once you walk your way through the recipe, you are going to want to make it again and again. […]

turkey veggie picadillo final

Turkey Picadillo Recipe

Our Turkey Picadillo Recipe is our healthy modern twist on a classic Cuban dish. Traditionally Picadillo is made with ground meat or ground pork, or even a combination of the two. We love the traditional recipe, in fact HERE is our original recipe. It is delicious, but for the weekday […]

Mojo Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Our Mojo Pork Tenderloin

Our Mojo Pork Tenderloin Recipe is an easy way to get that traditional mojo pork in an easy to follow recipe for your weekday meals. If you are Cuban t’is the season for pork. While a big Caja China with a whole roasted pork is always delicious, or a Slow […]

Pernil Cuban Mojo Pork

Cuban Mojo Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pernil)

This Cuban Mojo Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pernil) is going to take you step by step, with the goal of helping you achieve lechon nirvana. If there is anything that a Cuban should have, it is a classic cuban mojo pork recipe. This Slow Roasted Mojo Pork Shoulder Recipe is everything […]

Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham

Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham

Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham has caused quite a stir for us this week. We got a phone call to partner with Tropical Fruit Boxes to curate a box of their delicious produce to coincide with some of our recipes. They have this amazing Pink Pineapple that they carry that absolutely […]

Arroz con Pollo

Cuban Arroz Con Pollo

Cuban Arroz Con Pollo is just so classic. In most Cuban families, this is a dish that is prepared pretty regularly. It is the “go-to” for larger family gatherings. It does make sense. It can all be done in one pot, and you can really make a lot of food […]

Abuela's Camarones Enchilados

Abuela’s Cuban Camarones Enchilados

Our Abuela’s Cuban Camarones Enchilados Recipe is a step by step guide to building a classic Cuban dish that everyone in the family can enjoy. Cuban Camarones Enchilados is basically shrimp thrown into a Sofrito. So really you are just cooking your onions, and peppers in the seasoning, throwing in […]

Cuban Garbanzos Fritos Recipe

Abuela’s Cuban Garbanzos Fritos

Abuela’s Cuban Garbanzos Fritos is something you make when you are in the mood to do something magnificent. Because that is what this dish is, truly magnificent. But don’t let the majesty of Cuban Garbanzos Fritos scare you off from making it. Cooking is all about just trying things out. […]

Abuela's Mojo Turkey

Abuela’s Cuban Mojo Turkey

Our Abuela’s Cuban Mojo Turkey Recipe is a step by step guide to making a turkey this Thanksgiving (or any day). This turkey recipe is so easy to follow, and the Mojo injects a level of flavor that is hard to resist. Abuela’s Cuban Mojo Turkey can you transport you […]