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green herb dipping sauce

Herb Dipping Sauce

This Green Herb Dipping Sauce is somewhere between a chimichurri and a salsa verde. Such an easy and delicious sauce you can just to have handy all week. It’s the perfect sauce for anyvegetable or protein. Or add more lemon and some vinegar and it becomes a delicious vinaigrette for […]

Guava BBQ Sauce

Guava BBQ Sauce

It is hard to have a bad day when there is BBQ Sauce involved. Think about it. If your day involves BBQ Sauce then you were likely having a meal with a friend, or at a backyard BBQ and there is definitely something delicious to eat. It is a given […]

mojo criollo

Mojo Criollo

I will never forget the day my Alita Lily taught me how to make mojo. It was Christmas Day. She was very behind and pulled me aside, “I have a lot to do. This is the day you learn to do the mojo.” As I started sautéing  the onions gently […]

Abuela’s Mojo Marinade

Abuela’s Mojo Marinade is a total flavor punch into any recipe. There is nothing like fresh mojo. Can store bought mojo save the day? Absolutely. We are in no way insisting that you make fresh mojo all the time, or even most of the time. What we are saying, is […]