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huevos fritos

Huevos Fritos

Huevos Fritos are good any time of the day. Naturally they are perfect for breakfast. A couple of huevos fritos, with a side of toast can never lead you wrong. But they can also be added into sandwiches at lunch, and of course can be the perfect finishing element to […]

frijoles colorados

Frijoles Colorados

Frijoles Colorados are the beautiful marriage of red beans with chorizo. There is something about taking a bite of these deliciously soft pink or small red beans that just brings comfort and joy. As with most Cuban dishes, the ingredients are simple and yet the flavor is big. Frijoles Colorados […]

cuban black beans

Ani’s Cuban Black Beans

Cuban Black Beans are a staple. There is not a meal we can remember that didn’t have black beans on the table. It’s interesting to see, that most Cuban households had their own special way of preparing beans. It’s rare to find Cuban Black Bean Recipes that are identical. Each […]

yuca with mojo criollo

Yuca with Mojo Criollo

We feel like Yuca is kind of the underdog of the table. Most people will fill their plates with everything else laid out, and maybe leave a little room for the Yuca. Yuca does not always get the credit it deserves. When in reality a good yuca is going to […]

abuela's counter sazon

Abuela’s Counter Sazon Salt

We love a good seasoning. Over the years we have come to find that there is a certain combination of seasonings that we just can’t get enough of. We decided early on that it would become our classic sazon seasoning. We both use it weekly on a variety of different […]

pickled onions

How to Pickle Red Onions

Pickling onions is not as hard as you would think. Once you learn to pickle, you can pickle anything. It’s such a good technique to add into your repertoire. You can keep your pickled veggies in the fridge and whip them out whenever the mood strikes, or if the recipe […]

grilled desbry avocado

Grilled Avocado

Never have we ever met an avocado we didn’t like. It just might be nature’s most perfect creation. It’s sweet, savory and always hits the spot. There is just one problem. Avocados are very specific about when you can eat them. Sometimes they leave you waiting for days. Then you […]

The Perfect White Rice

The Perfect White Rice

The Perfect White Rice is one of the most underrated things in cooking. Most of the time, we are so focused on getting the entree recipe right, that is it easy to just glaze over our rice. It is an understandable mistake. But it is a mistake, nonetheless. A good […]

Cranberry Guava Sauce

Cranberry Guava Sauce

Cranberry Sauce and Thanksgiving are a very traditional pairing. But sometimes you have to take something traditional and just throw guava in it. Allow us to introduce you to Cranberry Guava Sauce. This is a side that will blow their socks off this Thanksgiving. The best part? In our opinion, […]

Potato Malanga Mash

Creamy Potato Malanga Mash

Something wonderful happens when a carb meets a carb. It’s hard to describe. That’s what is happening here with this Creamy Potato Malanga Mash. It’s almost sinful. Something about these two starchy worlds colliding together into one tangy creamy bite. Is it getting hot in here? Like many Cuban exiles […]