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cauliflower congri

Cauliflower Congri

This Cauliflower Congri Recipe will show you how to take a classic Cuban dish like congri and make it healthier and lighter. Our Abuelas would probably argue that this was not Cuban, and most certainly not something they would endorse. But Abuela sometimes a girl needs to eat a vegetable, […]

huevos fritos

Huevos Fritos

Huevos Fritos are good any time of the day. Naturally they are perfect for breakfast. A couple of huevos fritos, with a side of toast can never lead you wrong. But they can also be added into sandwiches at lunch, and of course can be the perfect finishing element to […]

frijoles colorados

Frijoles Colorados

This Frijoles Colorados Recipe will guide you in how to make this classic Cuban dish of sofrito with red beans and chorizo. This recipe is in essence, the beautiful marriage of red beans with chorizo. It’s hard to explain. There is something special about taking a bite of these deliciously […]

Ani's Black Beans Recipe

Ani’s Cuban Black Beans

This Cuban Black Beans Recipe is a step by step guide to authentic traditional Cuban black beans. Cuban Black Beans are a staple. There is not a meal we can remember that didn’t have black beans on the table. There is a reason for it of course. As with most […]

Cuban Yuca Recipe

Cuban Yuca Con Mojo

This Easy Cuban Yuca con Mojo Recipe will take you step by step to making authentic delicious Cuban Yuca quickly. What is Yuca? Yuca is a root vegetable more commonly known as cassava or manioc. It’s a very versatile vegetable because you can fry it, boil it, mash it and […]

Sazon Seasoning Recipe

Sazon Seasoning Recipe

This Sazon Seasoning Recipe will help you make your very own Cuban seasoning right at home. The seasoning you use, can make or break the recipe. One of our favorite things to do when we visit other cities is to check out the spice racks at the local markets. You […]

How to Pickle Red Onions

How to Pickle Red Onions

This recipe will take you step by step and show you how to properly pickle red onions. There is something so intimidating about pickling. Pickling onions is not as hard as you would think. Once you learn to pickle, you can pickle anything. It’s such a good technique to add […]

Grilled Avocado Recipe

Grilled Avocado

This Grilled Avocado Recipe is a guide to making an avocado in a whole new way. The grill takes the avocado to a new level Never have we ever met an avocado we didn’t like. It just might be nature’s most perfect creation. It’s sweet, savory and always hits the […]

The Perfect White Rice

The Perfect Cuban White Rice

The Perfect White Rice is one of the most underrated things in cooking. Most of the time, we are so focused on getting the entree recipe right, that is it easy to just glaze over our rice. It is an understandable mistake. But it is a mistake, nonetheless. A good […]

Cranberry Guava Sauce

Cranberry Guava Sauce

This Cranberry Guava Sauce is going to be a little Cuban twist to your traditional regular Cranberry Sauce. It’s going to be perfect for Thanksgiving or just a regular weekday Chicken! Cranberry Sauce and Thanksgiving are a very traditional pairing. But sometimes you have to take something traditional and just […]