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Making The Perfect Cubano Sandwich

This article is going to walk you through making the Perfect Cubano Sandwich. We have to believe that the Cubano was a sandwich created out of necessity and perfected by sheer brilliance.

The reason we believe it was created out of necessity, is because we have first hand experience with traditional Cuban celebrations. After big holidays or celebrations most Cuban or hispanic families are left with a ton of leftover lechon or ham. There is no other way for cubans to operate, we always make too much. Naturally the next day, when you open the fridge and see all the leftover meat, you do what you must- make a sandwich.

Boom! The Cubano was born. However it would take forward thinking to gather and assemble the right pieces. While the Perfect Cubano is a simple sandwich, it’s a balanced combination of everything you would want in your sandwich.

It has bread, the tangy mayo and mustard slathered on the bread, soft melty white cheese, layers of lechon and ham and topped off with thinly sliced pickles. The pickles bringing not just flavor but the necessary crunch.

The real key to making a good Cubano is the bread. You want to make sure you have fresh bread, and with just the right amount of butter it will press to absolute perfection on the stove top, or your panini press if that is your preferred mechanism.

Now if you are finding yourself with a fridge of delicious leftovers you know what to do… ready let’s make a Cubano.

How to Assemble the Perfect Cubano Sandwich

  1. Grab a fresh loaf of Cuban Bread
  2. Spread Mustard and Mayo on both sides- yes both sides!
  3. Put a slice of Swiss cheese on each side: you can sub Swiss for any melty cheese that you like
  4. Layer your lechon
  5. Layer on some ham
  6. Throw on some thickly sliced pickles
  7. Put 1 tablespoon of butter on a hot pan. Soak each side of the sandwich in the butter so that every part of the bread is coated in the buttery goodness.
  8. Press down on the sandwich for 2-3 minutes. You can use a book or anything heavy to press the sandwich down in the pot. The key is to keep the pressure on while it browns in the butter.
  9. Flip and repeat.
  10. Cut diagonal. Enjoy!