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Christmas Congri

Christmas Congri

Christmas Congri is everyone’s favorite side dish. There is no other dish better assembled to accompany the pork on Noche Buena. It’s perfectly cooked rice married together with beans and just the right sprinkle of bacon fat. It’s just the right side to absorb all the delicious lechon drippings, which […]

Platanos Maduros Recipe

Cuban Plantains Recipe (Platano Maduros)

This Cuban Plantains Recipe (Platano Maduros) is a step by step to making a classic side dish that can accompany just about anything. Platanos Maduros are a Cuban staple. Whether you like them love them or want to leave them, you will usually find them on the Cuban table. All […]

Abuela's Natilla Recipe

Abuela’s Cuban Natilla

Abuela’s Natilla Recipe is going to be your step by step guide to reaching Cuban dessert heaven. You will find Natilla at the top of any Cuban Dessert list. If you know anything about Cuban dessert- you know there is some serious competition. Each bite is a creamy, luscious, spoonful […]


Merengue Frosting

This Merengue Frosting Recipe is going to take you step by step to making a classic Cuban frosting for your next cake. Merengue is an absolute Cuban staple. If you are Cuban and grew up in Miami heading to a birthday party or Baptism, or any family gathering there was […]

Guava Coconut Cookies Recipe

Guava Coconut Cookies

This Guava Coconut Cookies Recipe is such a sweet guide to a really delicious homemade cookies. They are perfect for the holidays, or any time of year really. One of the greatest thing about the holidays is definitely the cookies. We are talking about all kinds of cookies. The traditional […]

Ani's Black Beans Recipe

Ani’s Cuban Black Beans

This Cuban Black Beans Recipe is a step by step guide to authentic traditional Cuban black beans. Cuban Black Beans are a staple. There is not a meal we can remember that didn’t have black beans on the table. There is a reason for it of course. As with most […]

Mojo Criollo Recipe

Mojo Criollo

Mojo Criollo is a classic Cuban sauce that is so easy to do and even more delicious. This recipe is going to walk you through it, so you can make this super simple sauce that packs so much flavor. Mojo Criollo is commonly mistaken for Mojo Marinade. The biggest difference […]

Cuban Yuca Recipe

Cuban Yuca Con Mojo

This Easy Cuban Yuca con Mojo Recipe will take you step by step to making authentic delicious Cuban Yuca quickly. What is Yuca? Yuca is a root vegetable more commonly known as cassava or manioc. It’s a very versatile vegetable because you can fry it, boil it, mash it and […]

Pernil Cuban Mojo Pork

Cuban Mojo Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pernil)

This Cuban Mojo Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pernil) is going to take you step by step, with the goal of helping you achieve lechon nirvana. If there is anything that a Cuban should have, it is a classic cuban mojo pork recipe. This Slow Roasted Mojo Pork Shoulder Recipe is everything […]

Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham

Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham

Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham has caused quite a stir for us this week. We got a phone call to partner with Tropical Fruit Boxes to curate a box of their delicious produce to coincide with some of our recipes. They have this amazing Pink Pineapple that they carry that absolutely […]