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Cuban Vaca Frita Recipe

Classic Cuban Recipes: Vaca Frita

Classic Cuban Recipes: Vaca Frita is one of the first recipes in our series of Classic Cuban dishes. Cuban Vaca Frita, which translates to “fried cow” is one of our favorites, which is why we have two different versions (Check out our Pollo Vaca Frita). Shredded beef is flavored with […]

Abuela's Camarones Enchilados

Abuela’s Cuban Camarones Enchilados

Our Abuela’s Cuban Camarones Enchilados Recipe is a step by step guide to building a classic Cuban dish that everyone in the family can enjoy. Cuban Camarones Enchilados is basically shrimp thrown into a Sofrito. So really you are just cooking your onions, and peppers in the seasoning, throwing in […]