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Our Kitchen Must Haves

Our Kitchen Must Haves

Whether you are just getting started in the kitchen or looking to upgrade, these are our kitchen must haves are all the basic necessities you will need to get you cooking

The kitchen is like a jungle. If you think about it. Just really think about it. You have all these pots and pans in different sizes. There is a pan to boil or cook a small amount of liquids, a medium amount of liquids and a large amount of liquids. You begin to feel like Goldylocks and the three bears only you are the one trying to make the food and cannot figure out for the life of you which knife is the best one to use to chop the onion.

Whether you are new to the kitchen or an old veteran, we can all agree that a good meal starts with the right equipment. However in a world full of options, and an Amazon filled with a million reviews, how is someone supposed to make a good decision?

We are constantly being asked things like “what pot are you using for arroz con pollo” or “what kind of blender is the best?” and the classic question is “what is the best knife to have on hand?” It’s perfectly understandable. The truth is, the best place to find out what kitchen equipment to buy is someone you trust that you know is cooking all the time!

There are so many options out there now, and buying new kitchen equipment is an investment.  You are spending the money and you want it to be functional and practical.  There is no use on buying some expensive pan, that you are not really going to use.

So we have put together our kitchen favorites and must haves to be sure you have everything you need to be the chef of your house.  Let’s jump in. 

Kitchen Must Have: Pots and Pans 

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Quart Pan: THIS is a great piece to have in your kitchen.  It is versatile and can be used for a multitude of things.  The price point is $111 so you aren’t breaking the bank and it’s sleek enough to fit in with whatever pots and pans you already have. 

All Clad Roasting Pan and Nonstick Rack Set: THIS roasting set will get you through so many adventures in roasting. While it is not always necessary to roast with a rack, it’s always good to have on hand. This rack fits snuggly into your pan, just how you like it. Great for our Alita’s Roast Chicken or our Mojo Turkey

Greenlife Classic Cookware Set: THIS is a great set for someone who is just starting out in the kitchen, because it gives you a little bit of everything you need for just around $100.  It is an incredible set includes 5″ and 7″ frying pans, 1QT and 2QT saucepans with lids, 3QT stock pot with lid, and 4 multipurpose black nylon cooking utensils


Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet: THIS is such a great skillet to add into your collection.  You can use it toto sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, fry, or grill.  It can be used in so many ways, stick it in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire.  It’s so versatile, and at a steal of a price. 

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Everyday Pan: THIS is a dream pot.  Le Creuset has achieved cookware excellence.  It is always an investment, but it really does hold its value and you can use it day in and day out.  It’s beautiful to look at and really practical in the long run.   The great thing about cast iron is how it holds the seasoning and flavor from everything you cook in it.  This becomes your secret weapon.  You will be building flavor into your pan and giving your food the extra love and pow to keep bellies full and happy. 

Staub Oval Cast Iron CocetteTHIS Staub is an amazing brand that is high quality with a slightly cheaper price point than Le Creuset.  The oval cast iron is ideal for searing and slow cooking of roasts or a whole chicken. It has an enamel matter interior provides genuine flavor. It’s also induction compatible, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Bonus it has some amazing color options.

For more of our amazing Pots and Pan options check out our Amazon Storefront for Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Must Haves: Knives  

Joseph Chef’s Knife and Pairing Knife: THIS Joseph set of knives are the double B’s of knives. Bueno y Barato.  You can get both the chef’s knife and the pairing knife along with the protective sheath and a sharpening pocket for $16.  No brainer.

Victorinox 8 in Chef’s Knife: THIS is a well priced knife, and it may be one of the only knives you will use for your food prep. The knife is easy to use and easy to clean. Making it a great knife to get you started in the kitchen. It’s good quality, but won’t break the bank. A starter knife, if you will.

Ginsu Japanese Steel Chef’s Knife: THIS knife is an absolute dream. It’s beautiful, easy to hold and so sharp that it makes slicing a breeze. This is a knife to get if you are ready to take a step up in the kitchen, and it’s a gift to yourself. There is something special about a great quality knife.

For more of our amazing Knife options check out our Amazon Storefront for Kitchen Basics

Kitchen Must Haves: Appliances

Instant Pot: THIS is a must. It is no secret that we are having a total love affair with the Instant Pot. We even have an entire Instant Pot Recipe Series for you to browse anytime you are ready to make this commitment. The reason we love it so much is because it is an appliance that can do almost anything. There is a function for everything. You can slow cook, pressure cook, saute, rice, soups, poultry, stew, and a few more. This is the one tool to get, if you can get no other tool.

Air Fryer: The Air Fryer is a gift from the culinary gods that will make your weeknight cooking a breeze. What is the best par? It also helps keep things on the healthy side. (you can find all our favorite Air Fryer Recipes HERE). An Air Fryer is a quick easy way to make some of your favorite foods, and it keeps the mess minimal and the grease at bay. If you are short on space, this is a decision you have to think about. However, if you can only pick one or two kitchen appliances this is one you will use often and will save the day on more than one occasion.

Vitamix: THIS really is the dream blender. But anyone who has one can tell you, it’s so much more. The machine can make anything smooth. Something about the way it blends just makes your foods taste better. Think about your Soups, Smoothies, and you will find yourself googling what else you can blend. It’s that good! Speaking of soups, imagine how good our Roasted Carrot Soup would be after you blend it in this baby!

Immersion Blender: THIS is the perfect tool for someone who is short on space. The immersion blender, is truly amazing. We especially love this Cuisinart one because it is a great price point, and really works well. It doesn’t take too much space, and really blends up whatever you need really well. We have used it for Flan, Tres Leches Cake Mix, our Easy Tomato Soup, and so much more.

For more of our handy Appliance options check out our Amazon Storefront for Kitchen Basics

Other Kitchen Must Haves

Bamboo Cutting Board: THIS is a good solid Bamboo Cutting Board is an absolute must. We love this cutting board because it’s an excellent price point, which makes it a good starter. It’s going to be useful for cutting and prepping all your veggies for any Sofrito related recipe, plus just the simple things like slicing fruit or prepping other veggies to roast or do what your heart desires.

Casserole Dishes: THESE are a good assortment of Casserole Dishes that will come into play for many reasons. They are different sizes, so they can accommodate anything you need to bake or roast in the oven. Notice that they are also very pretty. Again, another multipurpose item. It’s important to have a casserole dish that can also be set on the table and look beautiful. It just makes the food taste better, it’s science.

Baking Sheets: THESE Baking Sheets are great to have on hand. Whether you are baking cookies, or roasting a fish or veggies in the oven, there’s always something they can help with. You want to make sure to get good quality baking sheets, because otherwise you will end up having to replace or they will bend to the heat. We love using Baking Sheets we have a variety of Sheet Pan Meals, that are just a starter for you to see how much use you can get out of these guys.

Mixing Bowls: THIS set of mixing bowls with lids are a great buy.  Not only are they the perfect set of mixing bowls, any size you can dream of, but each bowl comes with a corresponding top making it easy to store for later.  We love things that are multipurpose!

Bamboo Salt Cellar: THIS Bamboo Salt Cellar is a great way to look like a pro.  Imagine how professional you will look grabbing a pinch of salt out of this beautiful bamboo cellar.  It almost doesn’t even matter what the food will taste like, you look the part.  Just be careful not to over salt out of excitement. 

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