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Chipotle Salmon Main

Sheet Pan: Chipotle Lime Salmon

We are huge Sheet Pan Meal fans around here. We imagine that most people out there love a good Sheet Pan Recipe. They check every single box. Sheet Pan Meals are easy to do. Sheet Pan Meals are easy to clean. Most importantly, Sheet Pan Meals are pretty delicious. Our […]

Instant Pot: Cuban Ropa Vieja

We have said it BEFORE and we will say it again, Cuban Ropa Vieja is one of the pillars of Cuban cuisine. It is difficult to discuss traditional Cuban Recipes without mentioning Ropa Vieja. This shredded beef recipe is built on the foundation of sofrito, and the garlic makes the […]

Vaca Frita Recipe

Classic Cuban Recipes: Vaca Frita

Vaca Frita, which translates to “fried cow” is one of our favorites, which is why we have two different versions. Shredded beef is flavored with garlic, lime and oranges and crisped up with onions. It’s so simple. The bold flavors can’t be beat. This is a Cuban restaurant staple as […]

Sheet Pan Meal Lemon Pepper Swordfish

Sheet Pan: Lemon Pepper Swordfish

Sheet Pan Meals are the best meals! Everyone loves a sheet pan meal. They are easy to make. They are delicious. They are also the easiest clean up. Music to every chef’s ears. Sheet Pan Meals allow you to have all the delicious magic of a meal that tastes like […]

Arroz Con Salchichas Recipe

Arroz Con Salchichas

This Arroz Con Salchichas Recipe is an ode to some of the great men in our life. Arroz con Salchichas is “un plato de refugio.”  It’s a dish born out of necessity. It dates back to the time when Cubans began to come to the United States in the 60s. […]

Cuban Chicken Vaca Frita Recipe

Cuban Chicken Vaca Frita

Cuban Chicken Vaca Frita is a garlic and onion paradise. This recipe is how all Cuban food should be prepared- equal parts onions to protein. So what we are saying here is, this recipe calls for a lot of onions. More onions than you may think are necessary, but don’t […]


Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Tomatillo Sauce

It is always good to have a “meatless” recipe on hand. Vegetables are good for you. There is no debating it. Vegetables have gotten a bad wrap over the years. The truth is when done right, vegetables can be the superstar of your plate. Cauliflower steaks are your next go […]

Cauliflower Arroz Con Pollo

Cauliflower Arroz Con Pollo

Cauliflower Arroz Con Pollo is definitely a healthy modern take on traditional Cuban food. Traditional Cuban food is a lot of things. It is delicious, savory and flavorful on top of so many other things, but what doesn’t come to mind is healthy. However, Cuban food can be healthy with […]

Cuban Beef Stew - Carne Con Papa

Cuban Beef Stew (Carne Con Papas)

Cuban Beef Stew (Carne Con Papas) is a classic Cuban recipe that just fills the soul. This is one of those traditional Cuban dishes you just want to serve in a bowl and curl up with on the couch while eating. It is comfort food at its finest. The flavors […]