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Guava Mule Cocktail

Guava Moscow Mule Cocktail

This Guava Moscow Mule Cocktail will be a hit at your next happy hour. It’s sweet and refreshing, and will keep you cool all summer long.

Our Guava Mule is a combination of the traditional Moscow Mule and our favorite tropical flavors. Typically made with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, we combine sweet and fragrant guava nectar and flavored sparkling water for an extra fizz. 

Guava is gritty like a pear but slightly sweeter. It is a perfect pair with the ginger beer that is used to top off the drink. Usually guava is served sweet in pastelitos and empanadas so its nice to use guava in its most pure and freshest form. 

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You can find guava pulp in the freezer section and the nectar or juice can be found in most Latin American specialty stores.  

Guava Mule Cocktail

Recipe by Abuelas Cuban Counter


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes


  • 4 oz vodka 

  • 4 oz guava nectar or guava pulp

  • 2 oz lemon or lime sparkling water (we like Pink lemonade from swoon) 

  • 2 oz ginger beer 

  • Fresh mint leaves and citrus for décor


  • In a shaker add the vodka, guava nectar and ice. Shake it vigorously until completely combined.  
  • Pour into the copper cups. Top with the flavored sparkling water and ginger beer. Add ice and mix with the mint leaves. You can add garnishes such as lemons or limes as well. 
  • Serve immediately so it doesn’t become watery.